Thursday, 7 March 2013

Also went to the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) - the big rusty shape building on Sturt Street, Soutbank. - just above the tunnel. Admission is free.
There were slide shows, TVs and projections of moving images about the patterns of daily life - the `goat tracks' we make as we all follow the path of least resistance down a stony road.
Went to The NGV.  - Understand a bit more about Post-Impressionism now.
- otherwise known as Neo-Impressionism - in France and Belgium from 1880s - to WW1.  Paul Signac & Georges Seurat - a backlash against Impressionism - used the science of Optics and Colour Theory - to paint with dots - dividing the colours on the canvas - letting them mix in your eye!.
Pointilism - to the broader brush strokes applied next to each other.
Less of an `Impression' of a fleeting moment of nature - more of a carefully constructed painting of harmonious complimentary orange & blues - depicting the working class life of the time.
Went to The Colour Factory the other week - interesting exhibition.  Lovely printing and presentation of the portraits. - good example of the work that the Colour Factory does.
They can also photograph artists' work and print limited editions for them.

Then we visited Vanbar Imaging - great supplier for photographers.
And then CCP - where Susan Fereday made photographs of everyday objects look like UFOs.

Art Galleries.

Been going to a few galleries lately.  We went to Heide the other day.  The kids liked Louise Bourgois' spider and the sculpture garden.  I have to agree.

 And Mark Had a go at taking some photos too.